Dr. Kakumu

Principal Consultant

Dr. Kakumu

Has twenty five (25) years of relevant teaching, research and supervision experience at the University of Nairobi, Kenya where he is an Associate Professor of Real Estate and Construction Management. Professor Olima is a principal Consultant with Syagga and Associates Ltd. He is widely trained and experienced Land Economist, Spatial Planner, Researcher and Consultant with immense experience in issues relating to property valuations, land taxation, land use and development, policy formulation, and training needs assessment, governance and project management. He has conducted, participated and guided studies, research and consultancies in the following assignments among others: Team Leader in the Resettlement Policy Framework for Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase(II) for Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Team Leader on the study on Land Tenure Systems in National Irrigation Schemes in Kenya(ongoing), Institutional Analyst in the study on the governance and administration of LATF, Principal researcher on the governance of sustainable livelihoods in the wetlands areas around Lake Victoria-funded by SIDA/SAREC; Study on land use policies, resource utilization and governance in arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya-sponsored by IUCN and 41 Resource person, urban land use, environment and informal sector for National land policy formulation process for Kenya-contracted by DFID 2004-2006.



PhD M.A-Urban and Regional Planning


Over 15 years experience in property valuations and investment appraisal, research experience and teaching in policy analysis and impact assessment of various projects